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Neoprene Foam

Neoprene foam, also known as polychloroprene foam, is a synthetic rubber product known for its exceptional durability, flexibility, and resistance to various environmental factors. It is widely used in applications requiring strong cushioning and insulation properties, as well as a reliable gasket material for its impermeability.

What is Neoprene Foam?

Neoprene foam is technically a synthetic rubber, but it can be manufactured as either a solid rubber or foam material. The material is considered an elastomer (a natural or synthetic polymer with elastic properties).

Neoprene is made from chloroprene, a monomer that polymerizes to form polychloroprene. The foam is created by introducing gas into the polychloroprene during the polymerization process, resulting in a closed cell structured foam. The foam is then cured and can be cut into various shapes and sizes for different applications.

The Strengths of Neoprene Foam:

  • Density: From low to high, affecting firmness and cushioning.
  • Flexibility: Highly flexible, maintaining its properties over a wide temperature range. It’s also naturally form–fitting, increasing its ability to properly form an airtight seal.
  • Resilience: It has excellent compression set resistance, stress relaxation, and compression recovery. It’s also physically tough, durable, and tear–resistant
  • Thermal Insulation: Good insulating properties against heat and cold. It’s also resistant to heat and flames.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to oils, solvents, and many chemicals.
  • Water Resistance: Excellent resistance to water absorption and buoyancy.
  • Weather Durability: It will not degrade due to exposure to sunlight, ozone, and other weather conditions.
  • Vibration Dampening: It can be used to reduce NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness).

The Drawbacks of Neoprene Foam

  • Cost: The material can be more expensive than other foams.
  • Oxidizers: The material is not resistant to oxidizing acids and some other hydrocarbons.
  • Electrical Insulation: The materials is not recommended for electrical applications.
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The Applications of Neoprene Foam

  • Marine: Wetsuits, buoyancy aids, and marine insulation due to its excellent water resistance. 
  • Automotive: Gaskets, seals, and padding for its durability and chemical resistance. 
  • Sports Equipment: Protective gear, mats, and grips for its cushioning and impact resistance. 
  • Medical: Orthopedic braces, supports, and padding. 
  • Construction: Soundproofing and insulation due to its thermal and acoustic properties. 
  • Electronics: Foam inserts for protecting delicate components. 
  • Aerospace: Lightweight, durable padding and insulation materials. 
  • Industrial: Custom gaskets, seals, and cushioning materials. 

Amcon Fabricates Custom Neoprene Foam

At Amcon foam, we custom fabricate neoprene foam can be fabricated into a variety of shapes and size for multiple industries and applications, creating custom foam parts for:

  • Protective Packaging
  • Gasketing
  • Manufactured Products

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Technical Documents for Polyurethane Foam 

Packaging Foam Material Specs

CodeStyleSDSTechnicalCushioning CurvesStatesType
2450GY1.0# 30 IFDMN and COEther PU
35001.25# 36 IFDMN and COEther PU
3850-GY1.5# 60 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
43001.25# 35 IFD A/SMN and COEther PU
45001.9# 42 IFD A/SMinnesotaEther PU
7650-GY1.5# 70 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
7700-GY1.8# 70 IFDMN and COEther PU
8800ASE1.8# 90 IFD A/SMN and COEther PU
8800GY1.8# 90 IFDMN and COEther PU
99002.5# 140 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
CF BLACK1.45# 50 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
CF BLUE1.5# 50 IFDMN and COEther PU
MIL C1.55# 48 IFD MIL-P-26514GMN and COEther PU
LD30SD1.87# XLPEMN and COESD Foam
LD32CN2.0# XLPEMN and COESD Foam
ESD FOAM1.8# 50 IFDMN and COESD Foam
72002.1# MVSS302MN and COEster PU
AB1701.7# Black LamColoradoPolyethylene
AB2002.2# Black ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AB200LA2.2# Black Ext Low AbrasionMinnesotaPolyethylene
AB4004.6# Black ExtMN and COPolyethylene
ABL1604.6# Black ExtColoradoPolyethylene
ABL1801.8# Blue ExtMinnesotaPolyethylene
AS2002.2# Pink Ext A/SMN and COPolyethylene
AS4004.6# Pink Ext A/SMinnesotaPolyethylene
ASL1701.7# Pink Lam A/SMN and COPolyethylene
AW1201.35# Natural ExtMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW1501.5# White LamMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW1801.9# Natural ExtMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW2002.2# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AW200LA2.2# White Ext Low AbrasionMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW4004.0# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AW6006.0# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AW9009.3# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AWL1701.7# White LamMN and COPolyethylene
AWL2002.2# White LamMN and COPolyethylene
FRAS22.2# Green Ext A/S FRMinnesotaPolyethylene
RCB1701.8# BlackMinnesotaPolyethylene
RBE1701.65# BlackMN and COPolyethylene
LD181.18# Cross-linked PEMinnesotaXLPE
LD241.49# Cross-linked PEMinnesotaXLPE
XL20002.0# Cross-linked PEMN and COXLPE
XL2000/EVA2.0# Cross-linked PE w/EVAMN and COXLPE
XL40004.0# Cross-linked PEMN and COXLPE
I-Cell2.0#MN and COXLPE
VA352.10#MN and COXLPE
EPE13WH1.3# White Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE13BK1.3# Black Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE15WH1.5# White Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE15BK1.5# Black Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE19WH1.9# White Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE19BK1.9# Black Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE23WH2.3# White Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPE23BK2.3# Black Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPE28WH2.8# White Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPE28BK2.8# Black Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPP13WH1.3# White Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP13BK1.3# Black Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP19WH1.9# White Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP19BK1.9# Black Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP28WH2.8# White Beaded PPMinnesotaEPP
EPP28BK2.8# Black Beaded PPMinnesotaEPP
N41946# SCE 41 Blended NeopreneMN and CONeoprene
N42946# SCE 42 Blended NeopreneMN and CONeoprene
N43949# SCE 43 Blended NeopreneMN and CONeoprene

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