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Protection and presentation all in one case

Whether it’s high-value electronics, medical devices or sales demo kits, Amcon can design and manufacture foam case inserts to the exact specifications needed to provide complete protection. We have been creating case inserts for over 45 years and have the equipment and expertise to deliver inserts of the highest quality and appearance. Many of our customers simply provide us with the part and we design the insert for them.

We stock many different types and colors of flexible foam including several grades of static control foam for sensitive electronic equipment, as well as non-abrasive materials for painted parts.

Our foam case inserts options include:

  • Expanded Polyethylene (EPE)
  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Neoprene
  • Fire Resistant, Anti-Static and MIL-SPEC Foam
  • ESD Foam for Sensitive Electronic Parts and Deliveries

At Amcon, we understand the custom nature of case inserts and can create just one insert or thousands. Our experience with materials and construction techniques allows us to build a complete case solution for any item.

Foam Case Insert Solutions

Electronics and Medical Devices Case Inserts

Expensive electronics and medical equipment require well-designed case inserts made from foam that is non-abrasive, anti-static, and highly protective. We design custom case inserts that accommodate the fragility, weight, and other special needs of your equipment and devices. Our foam case inserts can be fabricated to fit into any carton or container, allowing you to ship, store and transport products safely.

Electronics and Material Devices Case Inserts

Military, Gun, & Outdoor Case Inserts

From recreational firearms and outdoor equipment to military arms and blasting caps, our team carefully designs custom foam case inserts for a wide range of weapons and equipment. We stock multiple grades of fire-resistant (FRAS) foam that can be custom cut and fit into hard-shell cases. We provide the entire solution, from foam fabrication to case sourcing and labeling of special parts and components.

Military, Gun & Outdoor Case Inserts

Sales & Demo Case Inserts

Sales items and demo equipment require custom foam case inserts that protect and enhance the appeal of uniquely shaped products. We stock and fabricate foam in a variety of colors that protect items while maintaining a pristine presentation. We’ll ensure your items can withstand the rigors of travel—airports, bumpy car rides—and be easily removed and inserted back into the case during presentations.

Sales & Demo Case Inserts

Case Insert Foam Material Specs

CodeDescSDSTechnical SpecificationsCushioning CurvesTypeLocations
35001.25# 36 IFDEther PUMN and CO
7650-GY1.5# 70 IFDEther PUMinnesota
8800GY1.8# 90 IFDEther PUMN and CO
CF BLACK1.45# 50 IFDEther PUMinnesota
CF BLUE1.5# 50 IFDEther PUMN and CO
MIL C1.55# 48 IFD MIL-P-26514GEther PUMN and CO
72001.85# MVSS302Ester PUMN and CO
7200BL1.8#Ester PUMN and CO
AB1701.7# Black LamPolyethyleneColorado
AB2002.2# Black ExtPolyethyleneMN and CO
AB200LA2.2# Black Ext Low AbrasionPolyethyleneMinnesota
AB4004.6# Black ExtPolyethyleneMN and CO
ABL1604.6# Black ExtPolyethyleneColorado
AGL1201.4# Green LamPolyethyleneMN and CO
AS2002.2# Pink Ext A/SPolyethyleneMN and CO
AS4004.6# Pink Ext A/SPolyethyleneMinnesota
ASL1701.7# Pink Lam A/SPolyethyleneMN and CO
AW1501.5# White LamPolyethyleneMinnesota
AW2002.2# White ExtPolyethyleneMN and CO
AW200LA2.2# White Ext Low AbrasionPolyethyleneMinnesota
AW4004.0# White ExtPolyethyleneMN and CO
AW6006.0# White ExtPolyethyleneMN and CO
AW9009.3# White ExtPolyethyleneMN and CO
AWL1701.7# White LamPolyethyleneMN and CO
AWL2002.2# White LamPolyethyleneMN and CO
FRAS22.2# Green Ext A/S FRPolyethyleneMinnesota
RBE1701.65#PolyethyleneMN and CO
RCB1701.8# Black LamPolyethyleneMinnesota
LD181.18# Black XLPEXLPEMinnesota
LD241.49# White XLPEXLPEMinnesota
LD33 White2.06# White XLPEXLPEMinnesota
LD33 Black2.06# Black XLPEXLPEMinnesota
LD33 Yellow2.06# Yellow XLPEXLPEMinnesota
LD30SD1.87# Black XLPEESD FoamMN and CO
LD32CN2.0# Black XLPEESD FoamMN and CO
LD452.8# Black XLPEXLPEMinnesota
XL20002.0# XLPEXLPEMN and CO
XL40004.0# XLPEXLPEMN and CO
EPE13WH1.3# White Beaded PEEPEMN and CO
EPE13BK1.3# White Beaded PEEPEMN and CO
EPE15WH1.5# White Beaded PEEPEMN and CO
EPE15BK1.5# Black Beaded PEEPEMN and CO
EPE19WH1.9# White Beaded PEEPEMN and CO
EPE19BK1.9# Black Beaded PEEPEMN and CO
EPE23WH2.3# White Beaded PEEPEMinnesota
EPE23BK2.3# Black Beaded PEEPEMinnesota
EPE28WH2.8# White Beaded PEEPEMinnesota
EPE28BK2.8# Black Beaded PEEPEMinnesota
EPP13WH1.3# White Beaded PPEPPMN and CO
EPP13BK1.3# Black Beaded PPEPPMN and CO
EPP19WH1.9# White Beaded PPEPPMN and CO
EPP19BK1.9# Black Beaded PPEPPMN and CO
EPP28WH2.8# White Beaded PPEPPMinnesota
EPP28BK2.8# Black Beaded PPEPPMinnesota

Custom Case Inserts with Amcon

With 45+ years of foam fabrication experience and two manufacturing facilities that feature state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, Amcon is primed to help you design and create custom foam case inserts. We make the process easy. Simply present your items and their specifications and needs to our team and we will customize a case insert to fit them. We account for product weaknesses, presentation requirements, and travel needs when selecting and fabricating your foam insert. We also partner with industry-leading case manufacturers source hard cases, crates, and other containers, fitting your foam insert into the case and lid.

Our foam material selection and fabrication capabilities are unmatched. At our state-of-the-art facility, we can die cut, water jet, flash cut or router material to achieve the best look and fit while minimizing your costs. To enhance the appearance of your case insert, we offer many surface treatments for aesthetically pleasing surfaces including flocking. We can also provide you with foam and design assistance for soft-sided cases. As a one-stop shop, we offer everything from sewing and cavity labeling and other services that help bring your project to completion.

Best of all, we’re just plain easy to work with! Let the foam fabrication experts at Amcon make your next custom case insert the best you’ve ever had.

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Need a Sample?

Need foam, but not sure which type? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll send out one of our free sample kits so you can experience Amcon foam products first hand.

Contact Us

ooking for help with a project? Need a custom quote? Just want to talk about foam? Fill out the form below and one of our account managers will be in touch soon.

Need a Sample?

Need foam, but not sure which type? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll send out one of our free sample kits so you can experience Amcon foam products first hand.

“We’ve been sourcing Amcon foam products to use in thousands of our client facilities for more than two decades. Their product quality and customer service are second to none.”

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Not sure which foam is right for your needs? We can help.

Our foam materials cheat sheet can help you understand the benefits of different material types, and show you the best options for your specific needs.