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Polyethylene (PE) Foam

Polyethylene (PE) foam is a durable, lightweight, and versatile material. From packaging to floatation devices, PE foam is commonly used in various applications across multiple industries. It’s a popular plastic-like foam material that also comes in other manufactured varieties, including expanded polyethylene (EPE), beaded polyethylene, and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE).

What is Polyethylene Foam?

Polyethylene is one of the most produced thermoplastics in the world. It’s a member of the polyolefin resins family used in polyethylene production. Polyethylene foam is produced through a process called extrusion. The polyethylene resin is melted and mixed with a blowing agent, which generates gas bubbles within the resin, creating a foamed structure as it cools and solidifies. This results in a closed cell material that is flexible, resilient, water resistant, and buoyant.

During the manufacturing process, several additives can be applied to change the chemical composition of the polymer and create different types of foams with properties that range from anti-static to fire retardancy.

The Strengths of Polyethylene Foam:

  • Range of Densities: from low to high, affecting firmness and cushioning.
  • Resilience: it has a high impact resistance and ability to return to original shape after compression. It also has good tear resistance, shock absorption and strength to weight ratio.
  • Thermal Insulation: it’s effective in reducing heat transfer.
  • Chemical Resistance: it’s resistance to many chemicals, oils, and solvents.
  • Moisture Resistance: PE foam resists hydrolysis, meaning it won’t break down in water. It also resists mold and mildew.
  • Buoyancy: the material floats easily.
  • Non-abrasive: Most formulations of PE foam are not considered to provide Class A surface protection. For many surfaces – PE foam should be relatively non-marring.

The Drawbacks of Polyethylene Foam

  • Low Soundproofing: it does not insulate against noise
  • UV Resistance: the foam does not last long in areas of high sunlight
  • Flexibility: the material loses flexibility if it is manufactured at high thicknesses
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The Applications of Polyethylene Foam

  • Packaging: protective packaging for electronics, appliances, and delicate items. 
  • Construction: insulation boards, expansion joint fillers, and sealants. 
  • Automotive: interior padding, gaskets, and sound dampening materials. 
  • Medical: orthopedic supports, prosthetics, and padding. 
  • Sports and Leisure: pool noodles, flotation devices, and protective gear. 
  • Consumer Products: Protective padding and safety devices. 
  • Electronics: foam inserts for shock absorption and protection. 
  • Marine: buoyancy aids and flotation components. 

Amcon Fabricates Custom Polyethylene Foam

At Amcon Foam, we fabricate polyethylene foam into custom shapes and sizes for protective packaging and any other application in any industry. From die cutting to lamination and thermoforming, we create custom foam parts for:

  • Shippers to Use as Protective Packaging
  • Custom Case Inserts
  • Custom Foam Parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

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Technical Documents for Polyurethane Foam 

Packaging Foam Material Specs

CodeStyleSDSTechnicalCushioning CurvesStatesType
2450GY1.0# 30 IFDMN and COEther PU
35001.25# 36 IFDMN and COEther PU
3850-GY1.5# 60 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
43001.25# 35 IFD A/SMN and COEther PU
45001.9# 42 IFD A/SMinnesotaEther PU
7650-GY1.5# 70 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
7700-GY1.8# 70 IFDMN and COEther PU
8800ASE1.8# 90 IFD A/SMN and COEther PU
8800GY1.8# 90 IFDMN and COEther PU
99002.5# 140 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
CF BLACK1.45# 50 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
CF BLUE1.5# 50 IFDMN and COEther PU
MIL C1.55# 48 IFD MIL-P-26514GMN and COEther PU
LD30SD1.87# XLPEMN and COESD Foam
LD32CN2.0# XLPEMN and COESD Foam
ESD FOAM1.8# 50 IFDMN and COESD Foam
72002.1# MVSS302MN and COEster PU
AB1701.7# Black LamColoradoPolyethylene
AB2002.2# Black ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AB200LA2.2# Black Ext Low AbrasionMinnesotaPolyethylene
AB4004.6# Black ExtMN and COPolyethylene
ABL1604.6# Black ExtColoradoPolyethylene
ABL1801.8# Blue ExtMinnesotaPolyethylene
AS2002.2# Pink Ext A/SMN and COPolyethylene
AS4004.6# Pink Ext A/SMinnesotaPolyethylene
ASL1701.7# Pink Lam A/SMN and COPolyethylene
AW1201.35# Natural ExtMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW1501.5# White LamMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW1801.9# Natural ExtMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW2002.2# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AW200LA2.2# White Ext Low AbrasionMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW4004.0# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AW6006.0# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AW9009.3# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AWL1701.7# White LamMN and COPolyethylene
AWL2002.2# White LamMN and COPolyethylene
FRAS22.2# Green Ext A/S FRMinnesotaPolyethylene
RCB1701.8# BlackMinnesotaPolyethylene
RBE1701.65# BlackMN and COPolyethylene
LD181.18# Cross-linked PEMinnesotaXLPE
LD241.49# Cross-linked PEMinnesotaXLPE
XL20002.0# Cross-linked PEMN and COXLPE
XL2000/EVA2.0# Cross-linked PE w/EVAMN and COXLPE
XL40004.0# Cross-linked PEMN and COXLPE
I-Cell2.0#MN and COXLPE
VA352.10#MN and COXLPE
EPE13WH1.3# White Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE13BK1.3# Black Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE15WH1.5# White Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE15BK1.5# Black Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE19WH1.9# White Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE19BK1.9# Black Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE23WH2.3# White Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPE23BK2.3# Black Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPE28WH2.8# White Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPE28BK2.8# Black Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPP13WH1.3# White Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP13BK1.3# Black Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP19WH1.9# White Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP19BK1.9# Black Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP28WH2.8# White Beaded PPMinnesotaEPP
EPP28BK2.8# Black Beaded PPMinnesotaEPP
N41946# SCE 41 Blended NeopreneMN and CONeoprene
N42946# SCE 42 Blended NeopreneMN and CONeoprene
N43949# SCE 43 Blended NeopreneMN and CONeoprene

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