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As a full-service foam fabricator and packaging manufacturer, Amcon has the diverse expertise and varied material selection to create custom packaging solutions at competitive prices. We offer a full line of customizable protective packaging materials, including:

  • Corrugated Cardboard (Colorado Only)
  • Pallets and Crates (Colorado Only)
  • Fabricated Foam Products Shipped in Bags and/or Boxes
  • Protective Dunnage
  • In-Plant Material Handling Products (Trays, Pads, Shipping Containers, Totes etc.)

Our packaging foam options include:

  • Expanded Polyethylene (EPE)
  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Fire Resistant Anti-Static and MIL-SPEC Foam
  • ESD Foam for Sensitive Electronic Parts and Deliveries

We also offer a variety of packaging and fulfillment services that include kitting and assembly and just-in-time deliveries.

Packaging Solutions

Corrugated Cardboard

Meet ISTA or ASTM packaging test standards with our corrugated and foam components. Our full-service packaging solutions go the entire distance. From design to material selection—stock and custom boxes in small bundle or pallet quantities—and in-house testing capabilities, we’ll ensure your products are properly protected from the rigors of shipping.

Corrugated Cardboard Options

Custom Pallets and Crates

No matter the product, or how it is being shipped, our engineers can develop unique pallet and crate packaging designs that provide superior protection and easy handling. We design custom cushioned pallets and foam-lined wood crates that minimize vibrations and protect sensitive products. Whether you’re shipping locally or overseas, we can design the proper container.

Pallet and Crate Options

Protective Packaging and Dunnage

We solve challenging packaging situations, from limited run parts with complex shapes and accessories to cost-effective product packaging for high-volume goods. Our protective packaging and dunnage are meticulously fabricated to perfectly fit your products and are available in any quantity. We offer all the foams commonly used for protective packaging, including bubble pack and lightweight polyethylene rolls.

Packaging and Dunnage Options

Point of Purchase Displays

We work with you and your display specialists to design and fabricate custom point-of-purchase displays that both protect and add a look of professionalism and sophistication to any product. We help you select the best material that can be cost-effectively fabricated to create protective foam displays that look great in highly visible applications.

Point of Purchase Packaging Options


Military/Government Packaging

As a Central Contractor Registration with over 30 years of experience working with government and military subcontractors, we have the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to supply a complete packaging solution for arms and other military gear. We can help you select and fabricate military specification materials, including FRAS polyethylene and military specification urethane foams.

Military Packaging Options

Packaging Foam Material Specs

CodeStyleSDSTechnicalCushioning CurvesStatesType
2450GY1.0# 30 IFDMN and COEther PU
35001.25# 36 IFDMN and COEther PU
3850-GY1.5# 60 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
43001.25# 35 IFD A/SMN and COEther PU
45001.9# 42 IFD A/SMinnesotaEther PU
7650-GY1.5# 70 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
7700-GY1.8# 70 IFDMN and COEther PU
8800ASE1.8# 90 IFD A/SMN and COEther PU
8800GY1.8# 90 IFDMN and COEther PU
99002.5# 140 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
CF BLACK1.45# 50 IFDMinnesotaEther PU
CF BLUE1.5# 50 IFDMN and COEther PU
MIL C1.55# 48 IFD MIL-P-26514GMN and COEther PU
LD30SD1.87# XLPEMN and COESD Foam
LD32CN2.0# XLPEMN and COESD Foam
ESD FOAM1.8# 50 IFDMN and COESD Foam
72002.1# MVSS302MN and COEster PU
AB1701.7# Black LamColoradoPolyethylene
AB2002.2# Black ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AB200LA2.2# Black Ext Low AbrasionMinnesotaPolyethylene
AB4004.6# Black ExtMN and COPolyethylene
ABL1604.6# Black ExtColoradoPolyethylene
ABL1801.8# Blue ExtMinnesotaPolyethylene
AS2002.2# Pink Ext A/SMN and COPolyethylene
AS4004.6# Pink Ext A/SMinnesotaPolyethylene
ASL1701.7# Pink Lam A/SMN and COPolyethylene
AW1201.35# Natural ExtMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW1501.5# White LamMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW1801.9# Natural ExtMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW2002.2# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AW200LA2.2# White Ext Low AbrasionMinnesotaPolyethylene
AW4004.0# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AW6006.0# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AW9009.3# White ExtMN and COPolyethylene
AWL1701.7# White LamMN and COPolyethylene
AWL2002.2# White LamMN and COPolyethylene
FRAS22.2# Green Ext A/S FRMinnesotaPolyethylene
RCB1701.8# BlackMinnesotaPolyethylene
RBE1701.65# BlackMN and COPolyethylene
LD181.18# Cross-linked PEMinnesotaXLPE
LD241.49# Cross-linked PEMinnesotaXLPE
XL20002.0# Cross-linked PEMN and COXLPE
XL2000/EVA2.0# Cross-linked PE w/EVAMN and COXLPE
XL40004.0# Cross-linked PEMN and COXLPE
I-Cell2.0#MN and COXLPE
VA352.10#MN and COXLPE
EPE13WH1.3# White Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE13BK1.3# Black Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE15WH1.5# White Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE15BK1.5# Black Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE19WH1.9# White Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE19BK1.9# Black Beaded PEMN and COEPE
EPE23WH2.3# White Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPE23BK2.3# Black Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPE28WH2.8# White Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPE28BK2.8# Black Beaded PEMinnesotaEPE
EPP13WH1.3# White Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP13BK1.3# Black Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP19WH1.9# White Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP19BK1.9# Black Beaded PPMN and COEPP
EPP28WH2.8# White Beaded PPMinnesotaEPP
EPP28BK2.8# Black Beaded PPMinnesotaEPP
N41946# SCE 41 Blended NeopreneMN and CONeoprene
N42946# SCE 42 Blended NeopreneMN and CONeoprene
N43949# SCE 43 Blended NeopreneMN and CONeoprene

Packaging Foam Fabrication with Amcon

With 45+ years of foam fabrication experience and two manufacturing facilities that feature state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, Amcon is primed to help you with all your foam packaging needs. It begins with a comprehensive analysis of your products and your packaging needs. We identify weaknesses in items, whether they are susceptible to vibration, static, temperature changes, or anything else, helping you choose a foam that best protects against the environmental hazards that can damage your products while in transit. We will help you choose a packaging solution that is best suited to protect your product and keep your costs in check.

After the right materials are selected, we go to work fabricating and building the unique packaging for your products. Whether you need a single custom package or an on-going packaging solution that spans years and millions of pieces, we can deliver. Our precise fabrication techniques shape your custom packaging to the precise specifications of your products, and our full-service logistics and inventory management solutions will keep you well stocked with packaging materials. Your supply chain will never stop moving when you partner with Amcon.

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Need a Sample?

Need foam, but not sure which type? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll send out one of our free sample kits so you can experience Amcon foam products first hand.

Contact Us

Looking for help with a project? Need a custom quote? Just want to talk about foam? Fill out the form below and one of our account managers will be in touch soon.

Need a Sample?

Need foam, but not sure which type? Simply fill out the form below and we’ll send out one of our free sample kits so you can experience Amcon foam products first hand.

“We’ve been sourcing Amcon foam products to use in thousands of our client facilities for more than two decades. Their product quality and customer service are second to none.”

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Not sure which foam is right for your needs? We can help.

Our foam materials cheat sheet can help you understand the benefits of different material types, and show you the best options for your specific needs.