How to Cut Costs on Your Protective Packaging

Every online retailer, shipper, or business that moves freight should be concerned about the costs associated with the protective packaging they use. This is especially true for those who package and ship hundreds or thousands of items every day, as even the smallest decrease in protective packaging costs can result in big savings over the course of a year. 

It’s time to reevaluate the way you package products for shipment, paying careful attention to these areas of consideration. 

Right-Sizing Your Protective Packaging

From the foam and dunnage you use to the overall size of the box, everything needs to be sized appropriately based on the products you are shipping. If the packaging is too small, you risk damaging the products, but going too far in the other direction is risky, as well. Using packaging that is too large for a specific product present two issues. First, it costs more for materials while increase the dimensional weight and shipping costs of each product. Second, when boxes are too large for smaller items, they can shift during transit, which can also result in damage to the item. 

It’s essential to right-size your packaging based on the size, shape, and weight of each item, choosing the right box and protective packaging that allows the items to be appropriately cushioned while also not allowing it to shift too much while in transit. 

Selecting the Right Materials

If you are using foam to cushion products while in transit, make sure you have selected the right type. Certain types of foam are more effective at protecting items from different environmental hazards, and a careful analysis of your items and the protection they need will reduce damage claims. Be certain to consider what types of protection your products need, including items that are sensitive to: 

  • Electrostatic discharges 
  • Abrasive surface 
  • Hot or cold temperatures 
  • Moisture or humidity 


When working with a foam provider, ask about the different types of foam that can be used effectively with your products. 

Work with the Right Foam Provider

You know your products better than anyone else. The right foam provider can help you choose protective packaging that is not only effective, but cost efficient. Working with a reliable partner will inevitably lower your costs in the long run. You’ll have access to a variety of foam types, custom fabrication for protective packaging, and large production runs of custom foam pieces that allow you to purchase in bulk what you need for the long run. 

At Amcon Foam, we specialize in custom protective packaging with competitive pricing. We can help you properly protect the products you ship while lowering your costs and damage claims ratios. Get in touch with us today to talk about the right foam packaging solution for your business.