Foam Options for Firearms in Storage and Shipping

Proper firearm storage and shipping is heavily dependent on two factors: the type of foam you choose, and the outer case used for storage. They’re both equally important in terms of protection and can be customized to maximize protection in storage and while in transit 

Choosing the best type of foam for gun cases depends on whether the case will be used for storage, shipping, or both. It’s important to consider not only short-term protection for your firearm, but its long-term safety, as well. 

Types of Foams Used in Firearm Cases

There are two types of foams that are commonly used in firearm cases for shipping and storage: polyurethane and polyethylene.  

Polyurethane is a soft, open-cell foam that offers good cushioning and shock absorption. It is easy to custom shape and fabricate so that it perfectly fits a custom firearm case. Ester-based polyurethanes are typically used because of their high tensile strength and non-abrasive surfaces. 

The downside to using a polyurethane foam, particularly an ester-based foam, is that it doesn’t last. They can also be susceptible to moisture and degradation due to chemical cleaners, oils, and lubricants—all common in firearm maintenance. This makes polyurethane foam ideal for shipping, but not long-term storage of firearms. 

Polyethylene is a closed-cell foam that is more rigid, but it does not have the same weakness to moisture and liquids. This makes these types of foams more ideal for long-term storage and custom cases. They will not break down or degrade when they come in contact with liquids and offer much more stain resistance than polyurethane foam. This type of foam is also more ideal for heavier firearms, but it can be more expensive. 

For more information on foam classifications and their applications in firearm shipping and storage, view our Military Packaging Applications Guidelines. 

Convoluted Foam

Convoluted polyfoam sheets, also known as egg-crate foam, is a soft, open-cell foam that is commonly used to line the lids of firearm cases. Convoluted foam can be good to use for shipping and storage when you are using the case for multiple different types of firearms. While many custom cases have foam cutouts for specific firearms and parts, this means that the case is specific to only one firearm. Convoluted foam allows you to use the case for transporting and storing different types of firearms, as the foam is not generally custom cut to fit this piece. This, however, also means that the case may not offer the highest amount of protection for the firearm. 


Looking for foam for a custom firearms case? We provide end-to-end solutions by working with top case manufacturers to fit the right foam to each case. We can help you to protect your firearm while in storage or transit.