Protective Foam Case Inserts

Protection And Presentation All In One Case

Whether you’re looking to protect sensitive electronics from static, transport high-value medical devices, or achieve a premier look for sales and demo kits, Amcon has the design and manufacturing experience to help you customize the best foam case insert for your product. Our massive selection of foam and comprehensive fabrication capabilities allow us to customize foam case inserts based on the exact specifications of your product, providing complete protection and a presentation that is second to none.

Creating the ideal foam case insert is a complex process. We make it easy for you. Simply provide us with a sample of your product or part and we’ll design and fabricate the best protection for it. We offer end-to-end guidance that includes design, finishing, and foam/case selection. Whether you need a single foam case insert or thousands, we are invested in the success of your project.

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Custom Foam Case Insert Options

  • Choose Your Material Type, Color and Grade
    Hundreds of foam types provide you with the flexibility to choose the right material for your case. From static control foam for electronic equipment to non-abrasive foam for painted parts, we have it all.
  • Customize Your Foam Case Insert
    Our state-of-the-art facilities have the capability to completely customize your foam case insert. We use over a dozen routing, cutting, and tooling techniques to achieve the best look and fit at minimum cost.
  • Enhance with Surface Treatments
    To finalize and improve the appearance of your products, we employ many surface treatments (including flocking, etc.), allowing you to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing presentation possible.
  • Add ESD Protection
    We have a wide variety of ESD and anti-static foam options to protect sensitive electronic and other high-value devices. These custom cut foams will protect your inventory while in transit to, from, and throughout any facility.

We Work With All Leading Case Manufacturers

Why Amcon Foam?

It's in the numbers!


Years of Foam Fabrication Experience

Since opening in 1976, we have grown to become the nation’s premier foam converter and full-service partner. Whether your product is high-volume or small quantity, established or just an idea, we can help.


Manufacturing Locations

Our facilities in Minneapolis, MN and Longmont, CO both offer a full array of foam materials, service capabilities, and experienced foam fabricators that help reduce lead times for our clients.

Why Amcon Foam?

It's in the numbers!


Square Feet of Warehouse + Manufacturing Capacity

Our two locations are fully stocked and ready to take on the most challenging foam fabrication projects. From single design prototypes to mass manufactured orders, we have the capacity to fulfill your needs.


Stock Varieties of Foam

Our versatile stock of ready-to-use foam provides the variety needed to complete any order quickly. Bulk purchasing also allows us to secure the best pricing, savings we happily pass on to our clients.


On Time & Built To Specification

We stand by the quality of our materials, the accuracy of our manufactured products, and the speed in which we fulfill each order. If you have a production schedule, we can help you stay on track.


One-Stop Shop

Our capabilities expand well beyond foam fabrication. From design and engineering to manufacturing and logistics, our team of experts are primed to handle all aspects of your project, from start to finish.