Healthcare Foam Fabrication

Foam to Ensure the Health of Your Project

Demanding medical applications require high-quality foam materials for longevity and performance, but the foam quality isn’t the only critical factor. Manufacturers need to choose the right type of foam for their healthcare application to create a product that sets itself apart from all the rest. At Amcon, we are a leader in healthcare foam fabrication, and we can help you find the right foam for your product. Whether you’re working with support braces and orthotics to medical cushioning and supports, we understand that every healthcare application is unique.

We also offer a comprehensive range of in-house healthcare solutions that include fast prototyping, pricing, sewing, covering, private labeling, and timely turnaround for production runs. Whether you are in the design phase or ready for mass production, our diverse capabilities and massive selection of foam can help you bring your project to completion.

Medical Applications

Medical Cushioning

Support Braces/Orthotics

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Custom Healthcare Foam Options

  • The Widest Variety of Foam
    We offer the widest variety of foam for healthcare applications, and we’ll help you choose the best type. We take into consideration foam density, durability, visco-elasticity (memory), and compressive and microbial characteristics.
  • Achieve Any Shape and Size
    Our extensive fabrication techniques and design experience, combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, gives us the ability to cut complex shapes, layer multiple types of foam, and accommodate special inserts.
  • Foam for Any Product
    We are a leading supplier of the prosthetic and orthotics industry. Our foam has also been used in lumbar rolls, specialized backrests, foam supports, neoprene braces, wedges for wheelchairs, custom heel lifts, cushioning, and so much more.
  • From Prototypes to Production Runs
    Whether you are in the design phase of a new healthcare product, need a short run order, or are ready to begin long-term mass production, we can accommodate your needs. We provide complete solutions that bring your project to completion.

Why Amcon Foam?

It's in the numbers!


Years of Foam Fabrication Experience

Since opening in 1976, we have grown to become the nation’s premier foam converter and full-service partner. Whether your product is high-volume or small quantity, established or just an idea, we can help.


Manufacturing Locations

Our facilities in Minneapolis, MN and Longmont, CO both offer a full array of foam materials, service capabilities, and experienced foam fabricators that help reduce lead times for our clients.

Why Amcon Foam?

It's in the numbers!


Square Feet of Warehouse + Manufacturing Capacity

Our two locations are fully stocked and ready to take on the most challenging foam fabrication projects. From single design prototypes to mass manufactured orders, we have the capacity to fulfill your needs.


Stock Varieties of Foam

Our versatile stock of ready-to-use foam provides the variety needed to complete any order quickly. Bulk purchasing also allows us to secure the best pricing, savings we happily pass on to our clients.


On Time & Built To Specification

We stand by the quality of our materials, the accuracy of our manufactured products, and the speed in which we fulfill each order. If you have a production schedule, we can help you stay on track.


One-Stop Shop

Our capabilities expand well beyond foam fabrication. From design and engineering to manufacturing and logistics, our team of experts are primed to handle all aspects of your project, from start to finish.