How the Right Foam Packaging Solution Improves Customer Service

As a foam supplier and fabricator, we frequently tout the importance of choosing the right packaging foam for different products. In an ideal world, you’ll never send a product that arrives damaged, and the right foam protective packaging can get you as close to that reality as possible. But protection is not the only reason to invest in the ideal packaging foam. Having the right foam can be immensely beneficial to the service you provide to your customers, as well as their overall satisfaction. Don’t believe us? These are the ways you can improve customer service by using the right packaging foam.

Reducing Shipping Costs 

In an age of online shopping complete with fast and free shipping, reducing your shipping costs is a business imperative. Every customer wants to have their order reach their door either free or for as little money as possible. As a business, this means reducing your shipping costs should be a priority, but you can’t exactly throw out the protective packaging to reduce costs. 

Getting a custom foam packaging solution can reduce shipping costs in numerous ways: 

  1. It right sizes the amount of materials you use: using too much protective padding increases shipping weight and costs. Getting custom fabricated foam that fits your products lets you use as little material as possible, which means your packages are lighter and you have to buy fewer packaging materials. 
  2. Reducing returns: reducing the number of products that show up damaged means fewer costs associated with return shipping and replacement products. This reduces your overall logistics budget. 

Fewer Damaged Products

When products arrive damaged, customers must go through the process of getting a refund or an exchange. This takes time and effort and tests the patients of customers. The best way to provide excellent customer service is to ensure damaged products in transit are kept to the absolute minimum. Choosing the right packaging foam and having it custom fabricated to fit your products is one of the best ways to accomplish this. 

Better Product Presentation

When a customer opens a box containing their item, they can either be greeted by a product wrapped carelessly in bubble wrap or placed aesthetically in a custom cut piece of foam. Custom protective packaging creates the best-looking presentation of your products, which will ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction. 

When you work with a full-service packaging partner like Amcon, you’ll even get end-to-end packaging solutions for your products. We can help you with everything from kitting and assembly to delivery and much more. We provide a full range of custom products and solutions that will help you improve customer service and satisfaction.  

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