High Density Polyurethane Foam and Its Uses

High density polyurethane foams are a special material used in products across multiple industries, most commonly in furniture manufacturing. While there are many types of foam that come in varying densities, high density foams are medium-quality industrial-grade foams that are very dense, often offering good support and shock absorption when used in different applications.

The material can come in varying levels of firmness, from soft to extra firm. Keep in mind that density does not always equal firmness, and just because a foam is categorized as high density does not mean it is necessarily hard. Is high density foam right for your application? Find out more about the material.

The Qualities of High Density Polyurethane Foam

High density polyurethane foam is generally made from two ingredients: polyol, which is petroleum-based, and diisocyanate, a family of chemical building blocks. These two ingredients make up the basis of polyurethane foams, which have a wide range of densities. Fire retardants can also be added to the mixture to create a safer foam for commercial and residential use. 

High density polyurethane foams are known for their viscoelastic properties; they resist deformation and return to their original shape after a force is applied to them. This makes them ideal for applications that have constant forces applied and taken off them multiple times throughout the product lifecycle (e.g., cushioning applications).  

High density polyurethane foams can also be layered with lower density foams, creating a custom hybrid foam that allows manufacturers to achieve the ideal level of firmness for their products. They are often used as the base layer in memory foam mattresses.  

The one drawback to these types of foams is their tendency to off-gas. 

The Applications of High Density Polyurethane Foam

High density polyurethane foams are most commonly used in commercial and residential seating applications. These foams replace or supplement common spring systems used in seating, providing a more stable and comfortable cushion. They are often used in products like: 

Note: there are high density polyethylene foams that can be used in applications like children’s toys, anti-static packaging trays and foam inserts, etc. 


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