Why You Need a Foam Fabrication Partner in Your Supply Chain

You need foam for your products or day-to-day industrial operations; that much is certain. But why do you need a reliable foam fabrication partner in your supply chain? Every time you need to place a foam order, can’t you simply shop around to see if you can get a deal? While this is one way to get the foam pieces you need for your specific application, forging a relationship with a long-lasting partner is the best way to get the parts you need, when you need them. 

Here’s what a good foam fabrication partner can do for you. 

Help You Find the Best Foam to Improve Your Products

There are hundreds of classifications and types of foam, each with their own unique properties. You may be using one that works for your application, but is it the best foam you can be using from a performance or cost efficiency standpoint? We can help you weed through the many types of foam on the market and choose the best material based on your needs and your budget. 

The Fabrication Technique Matters, Too

Not all foam fabrication techniques are created equal. Some are more labor intensive and slower, which means that they are more costly to manage. Some techniques give you a better yield on your parts, which can bring down costs and make it more cost efficient for each production run. Some fabrication techniques are more ideal for large part runs, but not for smaller runs or prototypes.  

With industry-leading foam fabrication capabilities backed by over 45 years of experience and technological advancement, we can help you find the right custom fabrication for your products, giving you the best custom products at the best price possible. 

Our foam fabrication options include: 

  • Precision water jet cutting 
  • High speed die cutting 
  • Vertical and horizontal contour cutting 
  • Abrasive wire cutting 
  • Convoluting 
  • CNC routing 
  • CNC pattern cutting 
  • Vacuum and roll skiving 
  • Heated plank lamination 
  • Numerous foam lamination methods for simple and highly complex buildups 
  • Tooling 
  • Turn-key foam packaging solutions 

Integration Into Your Supply Chain

Do you need parts on a consistent schedule? Want to have your orders fulfilled when you are running low on parts? The only way to ensure you always have a consistent stream of custom foam parts is to work with a reliable partner who can integrate their manufacturing runs into your production schedule. We can help you create a schedule that keeps your supply chain moving 365 days a year. 

Dedicated Client Services

When you work with the same partner for years, they get to know your products and business inside and out. That’s the benefit of having a dedicated customer service representative attached to your account. From product and project management to material certifications and documentation, all the way to troubleshooting issues quickly, you’ll enjoy having a single point of contact for all your foam needs. You’ll enjoy the benefit of having a trusted person managing a total quality management system that assures your products and components meet the desired specifications the first time, every time. 

Work with a Reliable Foam Fabrication Partner

Where can you get all of this and so much more? Work with our team at Amcon Foam. We have a long-standing reputation of being “easy to do business with.” Our customers have stuck with us for years because we simplify the process while providing high-quality custom foam products. We are uniquely positioned to be the best partner you’ve ever had, hands down. Get in touch with us today to talk about how we can keep your supply chain moving with custom foam products manufactured to meet your precise specifications.