Design Foam


Foam Design &

Amcon has vast experience in developing creative solutions for a wide range of applications using foam. Our engineering and design team can quickly determine the most efficient design for a given application. We can work with supplied prints or files, or we can create them for you. In packaging applications, our customers often bring in the parts they want to package and have us design the entire pack.

In addition to our experienced and versatile engineering capability, Amcon has state of the art fabricating equipment. Amcon can water-jet cut, high speed die-cut, contour cut, vertically and horizontally slit, and wire cut. We also have many custom built machines and devices that we have designed for customer specific applications. We have pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) laminating capability and stock materials for a wide range of applications. Our laminating capabilities include hot glue, heat welding, spray glue, and plank bonding. We supply flame laminated foams with many different Endcapsfacings, such as aluminized mylar, flocking, and Tuftane. In short, we believe we can design and manufacture virtually anything related to foam, cost effectively, with minimal lead time.